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Air & gas cleaning

For many decades  both national and international agencies, and governments, have been legislating to reduce the level of acceptable industrial emissions.

Removing the substances that can be harmful to humans and the environment out of air and gas, whether in the form of solid particles, liquid droplets, or gases has become a complex industry, charged with preventing industries emitting pollutants to air, water or land.

Air and gas cleaning has grown to be a key industry in its own right, supporting sectors such as power generation, iron & steel, and other process industries and our air and gas cleaning technologies effectively control particulate matter helping to ensure our customers remain within the legislative limits they have to meet.

In the power generation sector the removal of sulphur dioxide (SO₂), Nitrous Oxides and particulates from coal-fired power plants remains a key challenge which we are supporting in Africa using technologies such as mechanical collectors, electrostatic precipitators, particulate scrubbers, wet scrubbers and bag filters.

Howden has been commissioned, on a turnkey basis, to design and install the equipment on several of the power generation industry's key reference projects. These include the world’s biggest pulse jet fabric filter plant installation at Eskom’s Majuba Power Station in Mpumalanga, and ArcelorMittal’s melt-shop de-dusting plant in Vereeniging, South Africa. 


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