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Howden Academy

Headquartered in Scotland, with companies in 29 countries and over 6000 staff, Howden is a truly international company. We are now growing, and recruiting, faster than ever and it has become necessary to devise a more formal introduction to Howden technologies, markets, products, practices and terminology.

Howden academy is designed to give our engineers a rapid and effective introduction to our history, organisation and culture, markets, products, technology and job roles.

Howden Academy reduces the time taken to turn new graduate or graduate level engineers into effective Howden employees by providing job-specific application engineering training through a quality-assured centre of excellence.

Training covers subject areas such as Howden organisation, Howden markets, Howden products and Howden job role.  The teaching style will be very interactive and hands-on, with classroom tutorials supported by e-learning technology such as “Blackboard” and site visits to Howden facilities.

The second phase of the project established an interactive online library of quality material and e-learning modules as part of a wider framework for the ongoing development of Howden engineers.  It is our aim for all Howden products and engineering roles to be covered within Academy’s curriculum.

 To date there have been 11 cohorts of Howden Academy and over 400 students have participated in Howden Academy.



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