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Business Units
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Business Units

Donkin Fans

Donkin Fans specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of standard and pre-engineered fans, blowers and accessories.

Howden Africa

Howden Africa Holdings Limited manages Howden operations within South Africa and the wider African continent.

Howden American Fan Company

Howden Australia

In addition to supplying fans, blowers, heat exchangers and silencers, Howden Australia offers a comprehensive range of services in Australia and surrounding areas.

Howden BC Compressors

Howden BC Compressors designs, manufactures and services custom-designed diaphragm and piston Burton-Corblin compressor packages, as well as Periflow compressors.

Howden Chile

Howden Chile is a local sales office for Howden supporting the mining companies in the area.

Howden ČKD Compressors s.r.o.

Howden CKD Compressors sro manufactures high quality industrial compressors and medium and large capacity electric motors and generators.

Howden Compressors Inc

Howden Compressors, Inc. offers new equipment sales and aftermarket support in North America for bare shaft rotary twin screw compressors.

Howden Compressors Ltd

Howden Compressors designs and manufactures rotary screw compressors for a variety of demanding gas compression and refrigeration duties.

Howden Covent Fans

Howden Covent Fans specialises in the custom design, manufacture and testing of heavy-duty industrial and power generation industry fans.

Howden Fan Equipment

Howden Fan Equipment designs, manufactures and maintains fans for mining and industrial clients throughout Africa.

Howden France

Howden France supplies and maintains custom engineered centrifugal fans, primarily for the cement industry.

Howden Hua

Howden Hua designs, manufactures and sells the full range of Howden fans, heat exchangers and compressor packages to customers in China.

Howden India

In addition to new sales, Howden India supplies spare parts and services for existing Howden and Davidson equipment in India.

Howden LLC (Russia)

Howden LLC sells new equipment and supplies spare parts and services for existing Howden equipment in Russia and the FSU.

Howden Mexico CR

Howden Mexico CR specialises in rotary regenerative heat exchangers, air preheaters, gas-gas heaters and a full range of spares and services for existing equipment.

Howden Netherlands

Howden Netherlands designs and supplies industrial cooling fans and a range of aftermarket services for all Howden fans and heat exchangers in the Benelux countries.

Howden North America

Howden North America supplies fans, rotary heat exchangers, compressors, gas handling equipment, aftermarket services and parts to customers across North America.

Howden Power

Howden Power specialises in the design, manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of boiler fans and rotary regenerative air pre-heaters in South Africa.

Howden Projects

Howden Projects develops multi-million dollar turnkey solutions for wide range of applications including industrial flue gas conditioning, melt-shop de-dusting and many more.

Howden Simsmart Technologies

Howden Simsmart Technologies specializes in the design and implementation of ventilation controls for the mining industry.

Howden Solyvent-Ventec

Howden South America

Howden South America specialises in the design and supply of fans and rotary heat exchangers for the South American market.

Howden Spain

Howden Spain specializes in the design, manufacture and maintenance of regenerative rotary heat exchangers for industrial applications.

Howden Taiwan

Howden Taiwan supplies and maintains fans, compressors and rotary regenerative heat exchangers in Taiwan for a range of industries.

Howden Thomassen Compressors

Howden Thomassen Compressors is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of reciprocating compressors for a wide range of industries and applications.

Howden Turbowerke

Howden Turbowerke supplies axial and centrifugal fans to customers in Europe, Russia and the Middle East for a wide range of industrial applications.

Howden UK

Howden UK supplies rotary heat exchangers and custom engineered centrifugal fans primarily for the power generation, petrochemical and steel industries.

Howden Ventilatoren

Howden Ventilatoren supplies axial flow fans for mines, tunnels, wind tunnels and power stations.

Howden Vietnam

Howden Vietnam is a local sales office for Howden supporting the power generating companies in the area.


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