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Howden Turbo Fans serves a wide range of industries with energy efficient turbo fans e.g. for MVC processes.

With our in-house engineering, R&D, assembly, testing and support services we can offer a flexible, tailor-made solution to meet your process requirements.

Howden Turbo Fans offers custom-made products optimized to your process. With over 30 years of experience we understand the mechanical and aerodynamic performance requirements of our clientele. In development of our turbo fans the key design standpoints have been cost-effectiveness in valuation of the investment, maintenance and operation costs over the fan's whole life cycle. Today more than 2,000 units are in service in vast variety of different industries throughout the world.

Quality inspections in different phases of order execution with a first-class warranty and support ensure that you and/or your client can keep operations and production on line. Besides in-process non-destructive testing and regardless of how large any unit may be, every fan is run tested at the factory before shipment to ensure the highest operational quality and reliability from the very start.

Howden Turbo Fans customer support provides a comprehensive service concept: replacement fans, spare parts, accessories, modernization and on-site repairs and measurements.


"Howden Turbo Fans is a leading global designer and supplier of turbo fans. Our Turbo Fans are designed for each specific application using a well-developed, modular-component concept and an experienced engineering team. This enables us to offer the cost-effective and reliable piece of equipment while maintaining component similarity, integrity and quality, ensuring that both you and your client will be completely satisfied with our service."

Risto Erholtz
Managing Director


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