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Howden Solyvent-Ventec

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For almost one century, Howden Solyvent-Ventec has been designing, manufacturing and selling industrial fans worldwide. Howden Solyvent-Ventec is an expert in aerodynamics and offers its customers a wide range of fans, from standard products to tailor-made solutions.

Howden Solyvent Ventec Meyzieu

143 Rue de la République, 69330 Meyzieu, France


+33 (0)4 72 45 13 00


+33 (0)4 72 45 13 42

Howden Solyvent-Ventec Chalon

30 Rue Paul Sabatier 71101 Chalon-sur-Saône Cedex France


+33 (0)3 85 41 73 11


+33 (0)3 85 41 73 22



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