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Howden France at the heart of your operations: delivering the best long-term value for customers.

Technical expertise

As an OEM we have knowledgeable and experienced technical advisors on a global basis.

Our advisors are backed by engineering personnel who can support your needs through access to original drawings, design know-how and full, detailed information on parts.

Adapting to the future

We understand that your plant is always changing and that this impacts on the operating conditions of equipment. As an OEM we are ideally placed to provide the best possible solutions for obsolete and redundant parts and products. Through a full technical audit our technical advisors can offer a predictive and proactive approach to your plant's maintenance and operational efficiency.


We can offer tailored training that allows you to maximise the maintenance of your equipment, stay on top of issues and prolong life cycles.

Turnkey solutions

Where required we can offer a full turnkey solution to the supply of parts and products. Our team can offer support to you across the full timeline of your needs and can help with the education of your staff where they require more knowledge and help.

Long-term support

We build relationships for the long term. We understand that our products and services need to take into account the needs, not just of the moment, but also for the life span of any project. As such we focus on customers' requirements with a special emphasis on the future.



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