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Howden Alphair Ventilating Systems Inc

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​Long experience has taught us that every fan application has its own unique needs and challenges, so we recognize that the most efficient path to success is through collaboration.

Our engineers will meet with you to thoroughly discuss every aspect of the project, so that moving forward your team and ours will be on the same page every step of the way.

Our own proprietary software allows us to design and select fans in a consistent, time-efficient manner. We perform static, dynamic and response analysis. We use 3D solid modeling software to produce drawings, and we parametrically define each fan’s geometry to ensure its accuracy. 

We have consistently met every quality standard in the industry, always maintaining the most up-to-date ISO certifications. Every fan is inspected at each stage of the manufacturing process, by advanced analytic technologies as well as by Planning Managers, to ensure every customer specification has been fulfilled.

So why choose Howden Alphair Ventilating Systems? Innovation, pride of craftsmanship, the spirit of collaboration and teamwork since 1933. It's what made us.

"Howden Alphair Ventilating Systems will continue to lead the way in the mining sector, providing our customers with solutions that ensure the ongoing safety and continuity of operations even under the most demanding circumstances."

Mike Brunette
General Manager Mining


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