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True innovation at Howden is inspired by you and therefore starts by listening to you – hearing what you have to say about what’s currently making your job hard, what you wish we could help you do to make your operations more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and what would make your life easier. We’re committed to delivering that to you.
We’re striving to create something real and tangible that can help drive your business. This isn’t just about the big, game-changing product developments, but it’s also about the smallest ideas that can deliver significant value to what you do. Innovation here relies on a strong understanding of your business and what would actually help you – including how you can make the most of Howden technologies and services to help accelerate your goals. Be more efficient. Save money in the long term. Spot and correct potential problems well before they happen. You motivate us to think about what information, services and systems you need to do your job better.
Howden Innovations
Remote monitoring
Data driven advantage
Did you know
Beyond the Arctic Circle, Howden fans ventilate one of the world’s largest and deepest iron ore mines.
Did you know
Howden is a key player in the advanced technology that could lead to a new carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) initiative for combined cycle gas turbine power stations.
Did you know
The energy consumption of an axial fan may be enough to power a small town. That’s why our focus on fan efficiency and performance makes a significant difference to the environment.
Did you know
Our submerged helium gas recirculators run on a truly groundbreaking active magnetic bearing system.
Did you know
Before being launched into space, Nasa’s Webb telescope will be tested at temperatures below -250°c using a specially modified helium screw compressor built by Howden.
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More innovations will be released soon.



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