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Innovation - UltraGen™

UltraGen™ is the most radical improvement in heat exchanger performance in several decades. It is the outcome of dedicated global research, carried out in several locations across the globe by dedicated teams of specialists, and focused on the major problem you have affecting your heat exchanger operation: the presence of cold end fouling and plugging
While fouling and plugging has always presented problems in heat exchangers, progressive moves such as the use of SCR and the move towards lower temperature operation, themselves highly beneficial exacerbated these problems for you. As well as raising the pressure drop across the heater and placing greater demands on FD and ID fans (thereby raising their energy consumption), there were serious issues of downtime required for cleaning operations, and unplanned outages. Power plant operators throughout the world made it clear to us that some solution to these problems was urgently required.
There are three areas that need significant improvement:

The element profile

One area was the design of the elements for cold end applications, the focus of the most serous fouling. Past research had demonstrated the benefits of using different element profiles at different temperature bands to optimise performance. However, the use of separate element layers had a detrimental effect on flow direction, and introduced losses in the gap between elements. Replacing the two layers with a single, extra-deep dual profile element would retain the benefits while eliminating the problems caused by the gap.
HCP Element™

There were serious manufacturing difficulties associated with engineering the dual-profile unit from sheet steel. Drawing on global expertise in metallurgy and manufacturing to overcome these challenges, the resulting (and highly successful) HCP Element™ is the product of unique technical skills.

The element material

The preferred materials for heat exchanger elements are mild steel or LACR or Corten steel, which offer great strength and durability. However, in cold-end applications, enamelled elements have been used for their far superior resistance to corrosion and their cleanability. In the past, the high carbon content of the preferred steels made enamelling impossible. The process invariably gave rise to deficiencies such as fish scaling that made enamelling untenable, and it was necessary to use low-carbon, or decarburised, steel.

We set out to develop new frits and processes that would allow us to combine the benefits of enamelling with the advantages of stronger steels. Working in conjunction with Europe’s leading frit specialists, we formulated highly successful products and developed tested, repeatable processes. With our new SureCoat™ Plus and SureCoat™ Premium enamels, for mild steel and LACR steel respectively, we can offer you high strength and corrosion resistance in one radically improved product.

The cleaning process

Aware of the persistence of the fouling and plugging problems, and the difficulties of removing the accumulated debris from the elements, we developed the Enerjet™ cleaning system. In the past, water based cleaning of air heaters was carried out off-load and used large volumes of water. Starting from first principles, we created systems that use low volumes of very high pressure water, accurately targeted at the cold end fouling, by custom designed nozzles on lances that move across the elements. One of Enerjet’s greatest advantage is that it is best applied during normal full load operation, protecting availability.

While Enerjet™ has proven its worth in the field over more than a decade, we have continued its development to create versions suitable for virtually any new or retrofit heat exchanger project.

The triple benefit

Each of the three developments of UltraGen™ makes a huge contribution to combatting fouling and plugging. However, taken together, their effects are powerful and dramatic. A single high-performance deep dual-profile element, manufactured from high strength material and enamelled for corrosion resistance, combined with a powerfully effective cleaning system, brings a revolutionary advance to heat exchanger operation. The ability to offer you either the individual developments or the entire package as part of any new build, retrofit or enhancement contract, makes UltraGen™ the obvious choice for every future project.
Interested in increasing capacity and reducing your operating costs? Would you like a demonstration of the time it would take to recoup your initial investment? Or if you would just like more information in general about what UltraGen™ can do for you, please contact us:



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