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ERP 2015 Legislation

In order for the European Union to meet its energy reduction targets for 2020, set out in the Kyoto Protocol, the energy consumption of products used throughout the EU must be strictly controlled.

What is the ERP 2015 legislation?

The European directive on Energy-related products (the ErP or Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC) aims to ensure that a wide range of electrically driven fans, rated between 125W and 500kW meet stringent efficiency standards. The directive applies to all fans sold or imported into Europe and is mandatory for all 27 EU countries. In January 2013 the latest phase of the directive came into force. The next phase will be introduced in 2015.

Howden fans meet or exceed the minimum ErP requirements
At Howden, we welcome the legislation and fully support the move towards greater energy efficiency, sustainability, responsible manufacturing and recycling. All of the Howden products that fall within the scope of the ErP directive conform to or exceed the targets it sets out. If you would like specific ErP efficiency data on a particular Howden fan, we will be happy to supply it. We also include ErP data in the technical documentation of every fan we supply.

Contact our customer service team for ERP efficiency data for a specific Howden fan.



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